Baking Life

baking life

The concept of Baking Life is similar to Cafe World. You customize cupcakes and send gifts. Your friends that click the [Now Hiring] link that you post your profile will get a bonus for you once they start playing.

Baking Life

Run your own bakery, create recipes, hire your friends and serve your customers. Happy Baking!

Baking Life Help

What is this game about? - Bake delicious goods and sell them. Improve, grow and customize your bakery. Become the most successful baker in town.

How do I make my bakery bigger? - Click on one of the expansion arrows along the bottom edge of your bakery.

How do I make money faster? - The more customers you are able to serve the higher your 'hype' rating will go. A higher hype rating means more customers will come to your bakery. If you run out of baked goods, or can't serve customers fast enough, your hype rating will go down.

How do I rearrange my bakery? - Click on the [Edit Bakery] button in the lower right corner.

How do I change the color or style of an appliance? - Click on the [Edit Bakery] button in the lower right corner, then click on the appliance you want to replace and click [Replace].

How do I get more Facebook Credits? - There is no way to get Facebook Credits by selling baked goods. You can purchase Facebook Credits by clicking on the 'Get more Credits' button.

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